Seasonal menus, recipes in “Fresh Cooking” – Poughkeepsie Journal

The drawback of meditation is that it can take a while to reap advantages and there are generally persons that will become bored with the process , not give the strategy the required time to assist them. Meditation isn’t an overnight fix by any means and can take months and years of commitment for you to attain all the results. The meditation process demands quiet and peace, which can frequently be hard for a lot of us to source. Not all these challenges yet discontinue the fact that it is one of the best ways to get control of self and become more self aware.

Seasonal menus, recipes in “Fresh Cooking”Poughkeepsie JournalShelley Boris has prepared meals for the Dali Lama, Lou Reed and other notable figures in her decade-long role as executive chef at the Garrison Institute, a spiritual retreat and former monastery in the Hudson Highlands. Her meals provide physical …and more »…Seasonal menus, recipes in “Fresh Cooking” – Poughkeepsie Journal

The secret to meditating in a noisy environment will be to shift the way you think about sound. Instead of letting the external sounds distract you from your meditation, use them in your meditation.

Here’s some other cool stuff relating to meditation retreats


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