Meditation in Action – a Flash-fiction Story-Poem (Haibun)

The first thing any meditation text will tell you is to locate a silent place with little or no distractions. In a perfect world, these silent places would exist for everyone. But, in many people’s lives, distractions are the rule instead of the exception.

A ‘teaching story’. Originally written as a 50-word story contest entry, I decided to convert it to Haibun style writing, which combines poetry and prose. It usually has short phrases in narrative prose and at least one haiku commentary. This one has two. Contributor: Rama Devi Nina Marshall Published: Jul 02, 2014…Meditation in Action – a Flash-fiction Story-Poem (Haibun)

Some meditation masters will also motivate you to listen to natural sounds during meditation and even advocate the usage of incense during the meditation process to help break the anxiety within your body.

A number of articles I didn’t have time to review and post up talking about deep meditation


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