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Meditation is an excellent means to help relieve your tension. When done correctly it should release you from your head and let it concentrate on peace. Meditation when you first begin our can be a bit crafty and it actually does take some time to learn. There are many excellent posts on the best way to meditate, but you can easily start off by simply sitting in the corner, shutting your eyes and listening to music like the Baroque music.

Philly FunEDGEOnTheNetBarbara Gittings, Frank Kameny and other early gay activists were among those brave citizens who organized what came to be known as the Annual Reminders; quiet, simple poster-holding protests outside Independence Hall in the mid-1960s, which called for …and more »…Philly Fun – EDGEOnTheNet

As with any meditation session, you must get into a relaxed and comfy position, eyes closed, and then commence with deep nasal breathing, focusing your thoughts on the breathing to ease yourself into a meditative state.

The following is a few more cool stuff on the subject of different types of meditation


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