Business Profile: Porchia’s W.I.S.H.—Executive Retreats, Stress Reduction

The first thing any meditation text will tell you is to locate a quiet place with little or no distractions. In a perfect world, these quiet places would exist for everyone. But, in many people’s lives, distractions are the rule rather than the exception.

Are you a high level executive who feels anxious or dreads going to work? Does your heart race or stomach feel upset during the day? Do you get irritated easily with your colleagues and family? Do you self-medicate with drugs or alcohol?…Business Profile: Porchia’s W.I.S.H.—Executive Retreats, Stress Reduction

By using this straightforward mindfulness meditation you are raising awareness both of yourself and your surroundings, in an extremely tender and easy way. It can serve as a prelude to some mental endeavor, in addition to being part of an on going mindfulness campaign to fortify and expand the use of your own head.

Some articles I didn’t have time to review and post up dealing with does meditation work


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