When In Rome – The Jewish Week

Meditation is the most important practice for calming the mind. A serene mind can cause a healthy, happy and successful life. It can heal diseases and accelerate curing procedures. We describe the easy technique below called prana-dharana. Prana in Sanskrit stands for the atmosphere that we breathe. It’s the most basic act of life which starts from birth and continues till departure. But typically, we are unaware of the breath till our attention is drawn close to it.

When In RomeThe Jewish WeekAs we approach Tisha b’Av, I feel compelled to share a few thoughts from an early June trip to Italy. It’s a magical place by all accounts, but the hours we spent at the Coliseum and Forum were unexpectedly hard. Suddenly, the Three Weeks of mourning ……When In Rome – The Jewish Week

Some meditation masters may also encourage you to listen to natural sounds during meditation and even recommend the usage of incense during the meditation process to help break the anxiety in your body.

A number of articles I didn’t have time to review and post up talking about relaxing meditation


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