Join Greatist’s 30-Day Meditation Challenge! – Greatist

The practice of meditation is a means for us to be still for some time and let our heads become focused until we become calm enough to deal with the day-to-day pressures of life.Some may believe that meditation is a wholly religious practice. While it is true that a lot of faiths, particularly Eastern ones, take meditation as an intrinsic part of the practice, it’s not necessarily the case. Actually, more and more people that aren’t necessarily religious get into meditation.

Join Greatist’s 30-Day Meditation Challenge!GreatistReady to live a stress-free life? Meditate! OK, it’s probably not that simple, but daily meditation can definitely help you reduce stress and find peace in your day-to-day. (Greatist CEO Derek Flanzraich added daily meditation to his schedule and hasn ……Join Greatist’s 30-Day Meditation Challenge! – Greatist

One way to start to extricate ourselves from the mindless quicksand would be to gently exercise our minds, using mindfulness and meditation as a way of bringing ourselves more decidedly into real life, and start the procedure for exercising control over our minds and our lives.

Below are some additional posts on the issue of how to meditate


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