Lucy Liu embraces elements of meditation, fitness and napping

People practice meditation for an assortment of motives. While we already mentioned that it helps us become still in this fast-paced world, other people meditate for health reasons and to attain a greater state of consciousness, among others.So if you think that life is stressing you out, it is likely time to slow things down a bit. Your brain is probably too distracted with a lot of things to contemplate and to take into consideration. Meditation is able to help you calm down and let you be stress and worry-free.

She played a comically brusque lawyer on Fox’s "Ally McBeal," one of "Charlie’s Angels" in two films and a fictionalized version of herself on HBO’s "Sex and the City," but Lucy Liu is more than the sum of her acting parts. She also is a passionate human-rights advocate, author and artist. To……Lucy Liu embraces elements of meditation, fitness and napping

One method to begin to extricate ourselves from the mindless quicksand would be to softly exercise our heads, using mindfulness and meditation as a way of bringing ourselves more emphatically into the real world, and begin the process of exercising control over our thoughts and our lives.

The following is some other cool stuff concerning meditate


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