Mindfulness techniques can help protect pregnant women against depression

Decrease the tension and anxiety after dark before trying to head to bed. Try utilizing loosening up strategies to obtain to sleep. To see to it that you sleep restfully throughout the evening, your thoughts should feel tranquil. Envision that you go to a tranquil location to assist sleep.

( University of Colorado at Boulder ) Pregnant women with histories of major depression are about 40 percent less likely to relapse into depression if they practice mindfulness techniques — such as meditation, breathing exercises and yoga — along with …Mindfulness techniques can help protect pregnant women against depression

Acquire your body and mind prepared for sleep in advancement. Dim the brighten to two hours just before turning in. Technique meditation and invalidate any kind of task that will make you think too much. Do some stretching workouts however nothing too laborious. Relax with a mug of hot milk or non-caffeinated tea.

Here’s some other cool stuff relating to meditation therapy


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