Meditation – A Simple Technique to Reduce Stress

Stress is identified as one of the
leading causes of chronic
diseases. It’s important that you’re able
to recognize when you’re stressed out. It’s important to give
yourself a break and to look for techniques,
such as meditation to reduce stress.

Meditation can be an effective tool
that allows you to rest your mind. It gives you the opportunity to experience a
sense of tranquility, by releasing your
thoughts and emptying your mind even for just
a few minutes each time. This can be a very
calming experience, which can help you relax and make you
feel less stressed.

Is this the answer to office stress? – BBC News
BBC NewsIs this the answer to office stress?BBC NewsThere is a steady stream of new research and news stories about the benefits of meditation and other mindful breathing practices. As they report, meditation boosts energy, helps with focus, reduces stress and anxiety, increases resilience and possibly …Why We Meditate at WorkHuffington Postall 2 news articles Â»

Lighting a candle and focusing your mind
on the candle flame is one way of helping you feel relaxed. This
practice is called the candle flame meditation. This
simple meditation technique allows you to rest your mind by simply concentrating on the candle flame and observing
your thoughts go by or burned away in the flame.

There are lots of different
meditation techniques for stress. Among the simplest techniques to help you feel less stressed is to take deep
breaths. The deep breathing technique can be done anytime. You can
basically do this while sitting at your desk at work,
or while taking a nice walk outdoors. Understand that you only need
a few minutes of meditation to help you feel stressed and to
experience a sense of tranquility.

Another common yet effective technique for stress is the mantra meditation. This
particular technique involves repeating a word, sound or phrase to
help you clear your mind of distracting thoughts. You can just simply
select any sound, word or phrase as your mantra.


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