Yahoo Health EIC Michele Promaulayko On How to Look 20 Pounds Younger

Meditation is the most essential practice for relaxing the mind. A serene mind can bring about a healthy, happy and successful life. It can cure diseases and speed up healing procedures. We describe the simple technique below named prana-dharana. Prana in Sanskrit stands for the atmosphere that we breathe. It’s the most basic action of life which begins from birth and goes on till departure. But usually, we’re not aware of the breath till our focus is drawn close to it.

With a passion and borderline obsession with health and wellness, I jumped at the chance to interview my Yahoo Health counterpart, Michele Promaulayko, about her new book “20 Pounds Younger.” As someone who is mindful of my diet and exercise but indulges in the occasional cocktail or chocolate, I wanted to learn from her experience and wisdom on staying young and he…Yahoo Health EIC Michele Promaulayko On How to Look 20 Pounds Younger

Life do not need to be like that. We are each blessed with a strong head; but normally people have forgotten or, most probably, never even knew how, to use it. It is such a waste of our own greatest resource.

Read the pages listed below for additional information on what is meditation


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