7 ways meditation changes your brain and body

Meditation is an excellent means to help relieve your tension. When done right it should release you from your mind and allow it to concentrate on peace. Meditation when you first start our can be a little crafty and it actually does take some time to learn. There are lots of excellent posts on how exactly to meditate, but you can easily start off by simply sitting in the corner, closing your eyes and listening to music like the Baroque music.

By now you may have heard that meditation is good for you — that it can even change your life. High-performing professionals of all sorts have talked about how meditation helps them deal with stress and succeed in demanding environments. Prominent advocates include Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey , Oprah Winfrey , and media pros like Dan Harris and George Stephanopoulos . Plenty of Wall Street ……7 ways meditation changes your brain and body

Life need not be like that. We are each blessed with a powerful head; but normally people have forgotten or, most likely, never even knew how, to use it. It is such a waste of our own greatest resource.

Below are some far more posts on the issue of learn meditation


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