Mindfulness for mental health? Don’t hold your breath – The Guardian

Mindfulness helps develop your sense of creativity. It teaches you how to be less critical about yourself, and instead to concentrate your mind in paying attention to new things. Mindfulness helps you learn to release your anxieties, regrets and doubts, so you’ll have the ability to completely engage yourself in activities that’s happening in the present .

The GuardianMindfulness for mental health? Don’t hold your breathThe GuardianThe children will, apparently, be taught things like “walking meditations” where they will try to think about the sensations in their body and “7/11” breathing exercises where they breathe in fo…Mindfulness for mental health? Don’t hold your breath – The Guardian

Want to look and feel younger? Mindfulness-based interventions are proven effective in slowing down the aging process and building a stronger immune system. In addition, mindfulness meditation promotes better state of mind and an improved overall health and wellbeing. Discover more about the many health benefits of mindfulness meditation on the article below.

Mindfulness meditation may be the simple answer to a much healthier society. Visit the pages below and find out about the many important information about mindfulness meditation and how it can change yourself and the society.


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