Wellness wishes for the community – Rutland Herald

Wondering how to motivate yourself to perform better? Research studies recommend that having a mental rehearsal prior to an activity helps improve your actual performance. This technique helps provide inspiration and stress relief too.

Wellness wishes for the communityRutland HeraldGianna Skates has only lived in Rutland for two years but her businesses, Wellness for Life and Kula Cooperative, are going strong because, she says, “I love networking with others to improve the wellness for all people.” Here Gianna discusses her …and more »…Wellness wishes for the community – Rutland Herald

The advantages of practicing mindfulness meditation go beyond just improving your personal life. It has been found to have a favorable impact on the society too. In recent years, mindfulness meditation has become significantly more well-known. It is practiced in many different approaches and has been accepted in the medical practice as a complementary form of treatment for a range of disorders.

Meditation is a great tool that helps strengthen your ability to stay focused. Learn simple meditation techniques here. Focusing on your breath helps you feel calm, and leads you to a meditative frame of mind. If you want to know more about mindfulness and meditation, feel free to visit the sites below.


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