Nov.15th: A Meeting of the Mindful – Huffington Post

A growing number of companies are motivating their staff to practice mindfulness and meditation. These are skills that help create a happier and more efficient staff. Mindfulness helps improve focus and keeps employees from wasting their energy. It helps them accomplish a clear mind, which makes it possible for them to learn how to respond positively to stressful circumstances.

Huffington PostNov.15th: A Meeting of the MindfulHuffington PostA momentous meeting of the mindful will take place this Sunday (November 15) when pioneers of the Western meditation and mindfulness movements come together for Living with a Joyful Spirit and a Wise Heart, a day of celebration, stories, teachings and ……Nov.15th: A Meeting of the Mindful – Huffington Post

The key to developing your meditation skills is to put in the right effort in making it a part of your daily habit. Most importantly, learning meditation can be fast and simple with a little support from an experienced meditation teacher. Check out our site, learn more about meditation and mindfulness and discover the best ways to start practicing meditation quickly and easily.

Do you like to practice meditation in an active way? Learn more about mediattion and mindfulness, and start experiencing a daily treat that you can enjoy. You can also visit the sites listed below.


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